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Question: How do I subscribe to/download Privus Mobile?
Answer: Our mobile Caller ID application is available for download and trial or purchase at many of your favorite app stores,
e.g. Handango, Handmark, iTunes, BlackBerry App World, Android Market, Just search on Privus Mobile or mobile Caller ID for most sites.
Search for iPrivus on iTunes. Of course, you can subscribe through your device at, as well.
All of these sites will have you find your phone and ensure the application is compatible with your device.
Question: How do I control Voice Cue?
Answer: Voice Cue can be active, with or without Bluetooth connectivity. Volume control is handled by your device profile, so if you are on vibrate the name will not be announced until you change to an audible tone profile.
Voice Cue will only announce a Text ID based on your delay setting in the options menu, so you won’t get repeated announcements during a text conversation. Choose the delay time between VoiceCue announcements for TEXT ID only.
CallerID will always announce, based on your phone profile. New texters are always announced once. If you do not get an announcement for a Caller or Texter, make sure you have Caller ID and/ Text ID enabled in the options menu for people NOT in your contacts list.
Voice Cue will announce people IN your contacts list for all Calls and all Texts but not for unknown numbers, unless you have Caller ID and/or Text ID enabled.
Question: I received a message that said “Registration failed.” What do I do?
Answer: Wait 30 minutes and click the Privus Mobile icon to retry registration. If you still have issues, contact us by completing a support ticket.
Question: Why don’t I see a Caller’s Name for every call?
Answer: Circumstances vary. Some names are not available (e.g. Verizon Wireless customer names are not generally available at all). There may be a temporary connectivity with your wireless provider.
However, if a name is unavailable, location is provided around the globe. Any private callers will present as “private” based on FCC regulations.
Question: How do the options work on Privus?
Answer: The Privus options menu allows numerous combinations of ID and Voice Cue. To enable any of the options, just click on the box. You can enable or disable any combination of CallerID, TextID, and Voice Cue with or without Bluetooth. Try various combinations until you find one that suits the way you use your device.
Question: How do I cancel my subscription?
Answer: To cancel a subscription, please sign in to your account on the site where you purchased your subscription. The subscription will remain active until the end of the current subscription period, but will not be renewed for the next subscription period once you have cancelled.
If you still need assistance, please contact us by completing a support ticket.
Question: Can I transfer my subscription to my new phone or wireless device or can I change my phone number?
Answer: Yes, you can transfer your subscription if you keep the same phone number by porting it to your new wireless provider or by transferring it to your new device. Your new provider and/or device may operate differently.
If your new device uses a different operating system, you will need to download a new version of Privus Mobile software at
If you change your phone number you must contact us directly with this request to make that change. If you have questions on transferring the software or need to change your phone number, please contact Customer Support by completing a support ticket.
If you have an iPhone, we need your phone number and new Device ID to transfer your service. All of this can be handled through the support ticket system most efficiently.
Question: Why is my device telling me it cannot find a necessary file to download this application?
Answer: You should go back to the site you are using for the download and find your device to ensure you are downloading the proper application for the operating system (OS) of your device.
We offer applications for the following OS: BlackBerry, Windows Mobile (Touch and Non-Touch), Android, Symbian and iPhone.
Question: I noticed that many of my Caller’s Names show up after the call is completed or the call is missed. Why?
Answer: Some BlackBerry devices receive Caller Name but display it after the call. The Storm2 connected to Wi-Fi or 3G will display Caller Name during ringing.
Sprint and Verizon networks, at this time, do not offer voice and data simultaneously unless in a Wi-Fi zone. On the other hand, most Windows Mobile and all Android and Symbian devices will provide Caller Name during ringing on ATT’s or T-Mobile’s 3G or 4G networks or in Wi-Fi zones . The application works across all carriers with a good data connection.
Question: Why am I unable to register or receive calling name?
Answer: If you are unable to register or receive a Caller Name response it may be due to a weak data connection. You must have an unrestricted, active data plan and be in an area that can send/receive data. Other times it is due to permissions issues.
Your device must be able to contact an HTTPS web server. You may need to adjust the settings in your device regarding permissions to access web servers. Your carrier can assist you in this matter. If you still need assistance, please contact us by completing a support ticket.