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Family Guard

Family Guard
Family Guard helps you protect your loved ones by monitoring activity of a specific mobile device. A Guardian phone is notified if the monitored device receives a text or call from a number that is NOT in that device's contact list. The monitored device must have the Family Guard application installed and activated. As the Guardian, you will be asked to register the monitored device phone number, and the phone number and email to receive the notification if an UNKNOWN contact is made to the monitored device. The Guardian will receive a text message and an email with the name and phone number of the entity making the contact. As the Guardian, you will then have the information you need to take appropriate action of your choice. The monitored device will be alerted at the same time of the notification to the Guardian device. To insure effectiveness, the Guardian should periodically review the contact information in the monitored device so no unauthorized contact can be made without your knowledge. As the Guardian, you will be required to affirm that you have the legal right to monitor the subscribed device. You must fill out the information completely and correctly for the Family Guard notification to function.
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Family Guard

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There are two steps to buy this. FIRST, purchase for the monitored(child) and then REGISTER THE GUARDIAN DEVICE. Then download the application onto the Monitored(child) Device. What is included in “Family Guard”: The monitored phone will have - - Unknown Calls/Texts to monitored(child) device are alerted to the Guardian device - Caller I D – displays names of callers - Text I D – Displays names of Texters - Voice Cue – Announces names of callers and texters - Look UP – Ability to look up names associated with a phone number

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